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Clark University

Challenging convention is too hard

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This is the unofficial LiveJournal community for current, past, and prospective anti-fascist students of Clark University. I created it during the fall of 2005 out of reckless spite for janinedog, who enjoys taking credit for others' programming projects and pandering to politically correct, semi-fascist anti-intellectuals. Boredom. It's so great that she's popular now.

Here's a little bit about me. My name is Thug Esquire, and I'm the maintainer of this community. I may never graduate from Clark, and will probably be lynched by rabid zionists before half of the "social activists" of Clark pull their heads out of their asses. I hope that if you come across this community and go to Clark (or are thinking about going to Clark) that you'll join and say "fuck you." Also, whoever else wants to join, go ahead. It's a great way for students to meet people who actually challenge convention!

There are no rules here. I am libertarian.

If you need to report me, you can at abuse@livejournal.com.

Disclaimer: This community is unofficial and unregulated. It is run by a current Clark student and is made for Clark students (current, past, and prospective). It is not supported or endorsed by Clark itself, so any information you get from here should not be interpreted as University policy--believe me, they're much more fascist.

Edit: some guy just posted like fifty different Clark people's names and LJ accounts, it's crazy. If you'd like to see our excellent posts, you need to join the community.